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Annual Tournament 2019
Tournament Rules

Rules and guidelines for the Macclesfield Tennis Club Annual tournament 2019

Our aim is to create an exciting and compact tournament that players and spectators will enjoy alike. To achieve this we have scheduled matches to take place in just over one week beginning on 21st June and ending on the 30th.


Entries will be open from 23rd April and close on 21st May. We will be running 9 competitions, being the usual mixture of singles and doubles and this year the tournament committee will decide whether or not to run the plate competitions once the level of entries is known. In addition, a short tennis competition will be run over the finals weekend.

To enable the scheduling of matches - players may only enter 4 of the 9 competitions (not counting the short tennis competition). In addition, players may only enter 2 of the 3 mixed doubles competitions.


To ensure that the tournament runs smoothly it is very important that all matches start on time (neither early or late). Please ensure you arrive a good 20min prior to your scheduled start time to ensure you and your opponent are ready and warmed up prior to the start time.

This will also enable spectators to come and watch the matches they want to see.

Due to the impact on other games, it's not an option to unduly delay a start of a match and as such if you are late and not ready to play 15 min after your scheduled start time you may be required to forfeit the match.

Macclesfield courts 1 to 6 have an all-weather surface and as such the matches will continue to be played in most weather conditions. In exceptional weather conditions the tournament committee will suspend all play for as short a period as possible. Moderate rain will not be a reason to stop play, so please bring suitable attire for all conditions. All matches are given an 80min time slot . If a match runs over time it is accepted that the following match start will be inevitably delayed.

If your scheduled court is available 10min prior to your start time please use it to warm up. If the previous match is concluding, please use an alternative free court to warm up. Court 7 will be kept free throughout the tournament for this purpose.

If you arrive later than your scheduled start time you will forfeit a warm-up as it's imperative the match commences as soon as possible.

If you are playing in a singles match and your opposition has not arrived for the warm-up, please feel free to ask a committee member to warm up with you.

Tournament balls

Only Slazenger tournament supplied balls will be used throughout the tournament. They will not always be new out of the tube for each match but will only be hours old.

Match scoring

All singles matches are played as the best of three sets. If sets 1 and 2 reach 5 games all, the set is decided on a standard tiebreak, i.e. first to 7 points with a lead of at least 2 points wins the set.

If a third set is played, there is no tiebreak and it's the first to six or more with a two game lead that wins the set and match

All doubles matches with the exception of the handicap doubles are played as follows.

The best of three sets. If sets 1 and 2 reach 5 games all, the set is decided on a standard tiebreak, first to 7 points with a lead of at least 2 points wins the set . If a third set is played, it involves no conventional games at all but consists of a 10 point tie break where the winner is the first to ten points and at least two points ahead. Change ends after each 6 points .

If a game reaches deuce then a sudden death deuce will be played. Only one point is played and the receiving pair will decide which player will receive the serve and the winner of the point takes the game.

For the Handicap doubles the same rules apply to the scoring of the sets of these the third set is the same as all other doubles matches with a 10 point tie break. The handicap element of the scoring works as follows for the first two sets; The first game of a set starts Love all, the second game starts with the losers of the first game given 15 points. The server will therefore serve their first point to the advantage court. This principle continues with the loser of the previous game gaining 15points prior to the first point being played in the next game. This advantage stops at 30 points. If deuce is reached then the next point will decide the game. As with the other doubles competitions the receiving pair will decide which player will receive serve.

Following the conclusion of each match it is the players responsibility to immediately write up the scores on the notice board identifying which players proceeds to the next round.

If you unfortunately break a string in a match, you finish the point you are on and if you don't have a spare racket there are a few spare available in the club house. Please be aware that the match has to continue promptly.

Throughout the tournament there will always be at least one of the tournament committee members available to assist in resolving any issues. Their decision will be final.

We hope you enjoy the tournament but please let us have your views about how the tournament can be improved so that we can all make it even better next year.