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Macclesfield Annual Tournament & Rules


2017 Tournament

Veterans’ Events & Handicapped

Mixed Doubles

May 22 - June 14

Veteran Men’s Doubles

Veteran Ladies’ Doubles

Veteran Mixed Doubles

Handicapped Mixed Doubles

Finals’ Weekend 

Saturday/Sunday 24/25 June


Senior Events

11 – 24 June

Men’s Singles

Ladies’ Singles

Men’s Doubles

Ladies’ Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Men’s Singles Plate

Mixed Doubles Plate

Finals’ Weekend 

Saturday/Sunday 24/25 June



Presentation Evening : Sunday 25 June at 7.30 pm

Tournament rules

1. All matches will be best of 3 sets, with the first 2 sets going to a tie break at 6-6. The third set, if required, will be in long set format, i.e. normal game play continues beyond 6 games all until one side leads by two full games.

2. The players at the top of the draw are ultimately responsible for arranging the matches.

3. First match losers in the Men's Singles and the Mixed Doubles competitions will be entered in the plate competition for these events. The plate competitions are run according to the same rules as the normal tournament.

4. Limit dates for each round are as listed. Matches must be complete, and scores recorded, before 10 pm on these days.

5. The Handicapped Mixed Doubles follows the rules used for American Tournaments and is the best of three sets. A team losing a game start the next 15-0, if they lose the next they start 30-0; if they lose the following game they start at 30-0, this is the maximum advantage allowed. Short deuces are also played - the second deuce is the deciding point.  The first game of each new set starts at 0-0, regardless of the advantage at the close of the previous set.

Tournament Committee:

Jane Gay (427444)

June Wardle (612216)

John Nixon (433581)