Tennis for Everyone

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Tennis for everyone

Committee and club rules



The club is run by a group of volunteers who look after the interests of members and proactively drive the club forward with new ideas and initiatives. 

Officers & Members of the Committee

 Martin Todd
 Paul Hiom
 Mike Meaton
 Andy Pollitt
 Ruth Simms
 Andy Phillips
 Jane Ambler
 Mike Beresford
 Jane Gay
 Lizzie Jordan
 Helen Moorcroft
 Gwen Newman
 John Nixon
 Harvey Potts
 Ann Tunwell
 Sam Wallinger
 June Wardle
 Roger Wilkinson
 Margaret Jordan

Annual General Meeting

The club's AGM takes place in November. 

Contact the Committee

Contact any member of the Committee to give feedback, advice and suggestions for improving the Club for all members.

Contact details
Chairman - Martin Todd
Tel: 01625 578096

Secretary - Mike Meaton

Membership Secretary - Ruth Simms