Tennis for Everyone

   Tennis for Everyone

Tennis for everyone

Club Tennis

Tennis is an Olympic sport. The game has its origins in English lawn tennis of the late 19th century, although 'real tennis' dates back all the way to medieval France, a game played by kings and their courts and made popular in England by Henry V.

Today, tennis has become a international sport played at professional level and followed by millions. It is regulated by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), with major international tournaments all through the year and four Grand Slams, Wimbledon being the oldest and most prestigious.

Tennis is a sport that combines fitness, agility, technique and strategic thinking. It is enjoyed by both young and old, at amateur and professional level. 

Joining the club is a great way of getting active in the fresh air in a social environment. There are various options to help you develop or perfect your game, but the only thing you really need to enjoy the game is a racket and a ball.

Tennis basics 

Find out about the basics of tennis, how to play play the game, the rules, how to choose a racket, and what is fair play. 

How to play

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